Monday, March 15, 2010

Back To Young Womens

Well I've been put in as the first counselor in the young women's in my ward. It was pretty unexpected because three weeks before that I had been called into the relief society activities committee. I went to one planning meeting and the next thing I knew I was being released and put into young womens! When I found out I immediately felt overwhelmed, seeing that I'm still fairly new in the ward I really didn't know any of the young women or any of the other leaders. I also felt a huge responsibility to these girls. It's a tough world out there for teenagers right now and there's a lot working against them being strong and active members of the church. I really hope that I can be a great friend and leader to them. Another overwhelming thought was me hitting up girls camp this summer considering I'll be about 7 and half months pregnant haha! It's been really fun so far though and the girls are super sweet and welcoming. There's only about 8 of them in total that are active and I think about 4 more who aren't so it's a pretty small group. They all seem pretty close which is nice. I'm still trying to get a handle on what my responsibilities are and I'm just kind of coasting along trying to keep up with what's going on, but I'm loving it! I'm planning a lesson right now and we have an activity planning meeting coming up and I'm just trying to figure out what resources are out there for fun ideas and lesson aides. To the ladies out there who are currently in young women's or have been in the past, do you know of any cool websites or other ideas to help me out? Let me know!

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Amy said...

Jem, I get a lot of my primary ideas off of and I've seen that they have a young women's tab on there that you can click on for lesson ideas.