Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Year One

It kind of blows my mind that Troy and I have already been married for over a year now. It seems to have gone by so fast and yet it seems like we've been married forever. There's one thing for sure, it's been one heck of a year! We've been so blessed in so many ways and have had so much fun together. It really hit me how much we've been lucky enough to do this year as I went through my pictures. We are pretty dang spoiled and have a lot to be thankful for. Here's a quick recap of our year together;

The happiest day of my life

A quick trip to Vegas as part of our honeymoon
(please note that the hotel gave us money to gamble as part of our hotel package so we used it... that's allowed right?? We won $10)

Lake Powell


San Francisco

Our first Christmas together

Visiting our friends in Nampa, Idaho

Heidelburg, Germany

Paris, France


Building our house

4th of July

Trip to British Columbia to visit my family


Looking at these pictures really helps me realize how good we have it and makes me forget how much a cried the first few months of marriage, how bad our home smells after Troy uses the bathroom, how much I hate folding laundry, how many fights we had over building our house, how many times I've had to tell Troy "not tonight honey," and how much weight I've gained in a year. All that aside my life pretty much rocks the house and that's all thanks to my man!

Ok, but in all seriousness I'm so grateful to be married to such a kind, funny, hard working and loving guy like Troy. He makes me laugh all the time, his creativity amazes me and he is such an example to me. His patience blows me away each time I make him late for church, or make him tread through my battle zone of clothes on the floor, or purposely try to annoy and tease him. I truly lucked out. I've loved having him by my side throughout all our adventures this past year and I can't wait for future adventures together.
I love you Troy Boy!