Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scroll down for post on trip to Canada

I did it again... scroll down to see my new post.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scroll Down for 4th of July Post

I made a new post about the 4th of July, but since I started the draft on July 20th that's when it says I posted it. So if you want to read it, scroll on down!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Selfish Blogger

I've decided that I'm a selfish blogger. I check for updates on my friends blogs a couple of times a day when I'm bored at work just hoping for a new post from someone. I have high expectations from everyone else and yet I'm terrible at posting to my own! How selfish of me!

Well don't you worry, I have a few posts in the workings so that I can make my fair share of contributions to the blogging world, you know, pull my weight in the relationship. I would have done them sooner, but my dang laptop has gone crazy, REALLY crazy and I've only had it for like 4 months. What the heck is that all about? Anyways it's getting fixed right now and I've been waiting to get some pictures off of it, but am going to just upload them to a different computer and make things happen.

Watch for future posts on:

The 4th of July Celebrations
My trip to Canada
A house update
The Secondhand Serenade concert

Fun things happening in August that will surely bring about new posts and pictures are:

Upcoming camping trip with friends
A trip to Hawaii
A trip to Lake Powell

Bring on the fun!

Some Friendly Advice

So I went to take the laundry out of the dryer last night and instantly noticed that something was very wrong, not only did it smell a little funky, but the inside of my dryer was covered in BLACK! Then I spotted the culprit, a BROKEN SHARPIE PEN! The ink pad stick thing that's inside the marker had come out of the pen. There was another pen in there too, but luckily it hadn't opened.

Troy has a bad habit of leaving crap in his pockets, the usual scraps of shredded paper was enough to deal with, but this really topped it off. I mean COME ON!! How do you not know you have pens in your pocket?

I began to pull out the items of clothing and each and every one was speckled with black ink. I suppose it could have been worse, thankfully I had taken out the majority of my clothing to hang to dry, but I had a few shirts in there that are completely ruined. Most of Troy's clothes that were in there were his work t-shirts and shorts, nothing too important. I don't know if he was more upset about his clothes or his broken sharpie pen.

Even though it could have been worse, I'm still really annoyed about it. My biggest concern is that once the dryer gets heated up again the ink will rub onto more clothes and I REALLY need to do some whites.

So my advice to all my other newlywed friends out there who may not have learned this lesson yet for themselves is - CHECK YOUR HUSBAND'S PANT POCKETS BEFORE YOU DO THE LAUNDRY! You could tell them to do it themselves, but the chances of that happening are very slim. I suppose it's best to learn this lesson now, as I can only imagine the things I'll discover in my children's pockets some day.

Some other measures I can take are:
1. Never let my husband/children use any type of marker or pen
2. Never allow my husband/children to use crayons
3. Never allow my husband/children to own any chapstick
4. Never allow my husband/children to have anything that could possibly ruin our laundry

Haha we'll see how that works out.

Now I ask you for some advice! What should I do about all the ink in my dryer? Is there any way I can get some of it off so it won't get on to any future laundry? Any ideas?