Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our House In The Making

Troy has been hard at work the past couple of weeks and our house is coming along smoothly! It's been really crazy how fast things are moving!

We had planned on having a ground breaking ceremony, but we just ran out of time so Troy and I decided to just do one with the two of us one Monday night. We packed up a shovel and a bottle of Martinelli with some champagne glasses. I was actually happy that we were doing it alone and was looking forward to it all day. I was pretty dissapointed when we got there and saw that the hole for our house had already been dug out. Troy managed to forget to tell me that small detail.... needless to say I was a little bit irritated. I finally decided to just get out and shovel up some dirt anyways, even though the whole purpose of a "Ground Breaking" had been ruined. Troy had worn shorts and was getting attacked by misquitos so we had to go in the car and drink our Martinelli's. We sipped our drinks while listening to classical music on the radio and looked out on to what would soon be our home! It was quite the moment, not what I had expected but good just the same.

The celebration

Here are some pictures of the progress so far. They will begin framing this week. Thanks for all the hard work you've been doing Troy Boy! My husband is a Wizard.
Just after the cement was poured

On to the framing

The first floor is now completely framed and they are currently working on the second floor. It should be done by the end of this week! WOOOO BABY!!