Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boy or Girl??!!

As I just mentioned in my previous post, we finally find out the sex of our baby on Wednesday. I feel like I might be overtaken by the anticipation I'm feeling. I just really want to know... RIGHT NOW!!! I don't know how couples wait to find out, I'm just not that patient. I'm really excited to know what it is so that I can really start to prepare and get SHOPPIN! I'd also like to stop referring to my baby as an "it." It makes it sound like it's not human.

People have been asking what I think it is, or what I hope it will be. I've been telling people I really don't care and that's mostly true because I'll be ecstatic with a boy or a girl, I mean, it's my baby so who really cares. But I'll be honest, whenever I walk by anything that has to do with little girls my heart completely melts. I was over at a friend's place the other night and her little girl pulled out all of her little toy hair styling tools and started doing my hair for me. I could have died it was so cute. Now on the other hand little boys are pretty dang cute too and a lot of fun and the thought of my other kids having a big brother to take care of them is pretty awesome too. Not to mention if I have a boy then he will be exactly one year younger than my sister's little boy and she has said his cute clothes would be passed on to me. BONUS! Also all of my baby's cousin's who will be close to it's age are all boys so if it's a boy then he will have a bunch of friends. So needless to say there are pros to both sides. Troy says he has no preference and that he likes the fact that we have no choice in the matter.

Well, just 4 more days and we'll know. Let's just hope they go by quickly and that our baby will be willing to cooperate during the ultrasound. If it's anything like it's mama, it'll have no shame.

Until Wednesday....

OH! P.S. - I've been feeling the baby move a little bit over the last two weeks and last night I was feeling all kinds of activity going on in there so I quickly grabbed Troy's hand and pushed it down hard on my belly and he felt it move for the first time!! So exciting!

Spring Break Coming To An End

Well tomorrow is my last day of spring break before I have to head back to school. It's been a well needed break and I have seriously hardly thought of school the entire week. As nice as it's been, this could mean trouble. I really needed to do some school work over the break, but I just couldn't bring myself to doing it. I'm now about to embark on the last stretch of my college career. I only have 4 more weeks of school left until I graduate! I can't even believe it! It's going to be a wild 4 weeks trying to get everything done.

I'm so excited for the summer! I pretty much plan to sit by my in-laws pool all summer long, but I've got some other fun things planned in between.

Things to look forward to:

A trip to Calgary for Falisha's Wedding (one of my very best friends)
Getting a lawn and planting a delicious garden (can't wait)
Getting a nursery ready for our little baby (we find out what it is on Wednesday!!)
Young Women's Camp
The Manti Pageant
A trip to Kelowna to party with my whole family
Youth Conference
A trip to Lake Powell
Oh ya and HAVING A BABY!!!

I'm sure there will be some more adventures included as the summer goes on so I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty exciting one! I can't wait to be done with school and to let the fun begin!

Goodbye Spring Break, now bring on the SUMMER!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back To Young Womens

Well I've been put in as the first counselor in the young women's in my ward. It was pretty unexpected because three weeks before that I had been called into the relief society activities committee. I went to one planning meeting and the next thing I knew I was being released and put into young womens! When I found out I immediately felt overwhelmed, seeing that I'm still fairly new in the ward I really didn't know any of the young women or any of the other leaders. I also felt a huge responsibility to these girls. It's a tough world out there for teenagers right now and there's a lot working against them being strong and active members of the church. I really hope that I can be a great friend and leader to them. Another overwhelming thought was me hitting up girls camp this summer considering I'll be about 7 and half months pregnant haha! It's been really fun so far though and the girls are super sweet and welcoming. There's only about 8 of them in total that are active and I think about 4 more who aren't so it's a pretty small group. They all seem pretty close which is nice. I'm still trying to get a handle on what my responsibilities are and I'm just kind of coasting along trying to keep up with what's going on, but I'm loving it! I'm planning a lesson right now and we have an activity planning meeting coming up and I'm just trying to figure out what resources are out there for fun ideas and lesson aides. To the ladies out there who are currently in young women's or have been in the past, do you know of any cool websites or other ideas to help me out? Let me know!

Why am I such a Psycho?

Alright, I'd like to say that for the most part I've kept pretty sane throughout this pregnancy thus far. I don't think I've turned into a comeplete pregzilla (I just made that up, funny right?) and I hope my husband still feels like he's married to the same person. But, I'll be honest, I have had my crazy moments... and I'm not proud of them. For some reason there are just times where something triggers some wild emotion in me and I've reacted a lot more drastically then I think I normally would have. I suppose by putting them out in the open that I hope to receive some kind of liberation from the guilt I'm feeling. Plus, I think these will be somewhat entertaining for me to look back on one day.

Towards the very beginning of my pregnancy I was feeling extremely emotional and I experienced a few outbursts. One took place after I had returned from an annual shopping trip with the girls in the Salmon family back in November. Troy's dad was sweet enough to surprise us all with some cash to go shopping with (I was so excited I started crying of course) and when I got home Troy thought it would be a good idea to throw the extra money I hadn't spent into our little savings jar for a new couch. It made total sense, I really wanted a new couch and Troy had been putting the extra money that he came across into it so why shouldn't I? The truth is I really wanted to keep it for myself, but I put on a brave face and handed over the cash. Afterwards I went upstairs into my closet, and naturally laid on the floor hiding underneath all my hanging clothes and literally BAWLED my eyes out!! Like I mean, gasping for air, body shaking, snot dripping kind of bawling. A little dramatic? Yes, yes it was. After a while Troy came to find me and would have probably had a hard time finding me behind all my clothes had it not been for the sobs that gave my hiding spot away. The poor guy had no idea what to do with me, he told me I could have the money back and that it wasn't a big deal which made me cry even harder because now I felt like a selfish brat. He tried to coax me out from under the clothes, but I wouldn't budge so he came in after me and tried to console me. Haha he looked really scared and confused. I finally came out with mascara smeared all over my spotty red face and once I had regained my sanity I decided the money should go into savings for the couch. I held on to a grudge about it for a while though. Haha! Poor Troy boy. I'm really sorry I went crazy on you honey. At least we can laugh about it now, but I'm still sorry.

The next outburst happened a couple nights later. I was having a rough day and for some reason I was really irritated with Troy that night, I can't remember why. Later on we were getting ready for bed and troy finished before me and climbed into bed. When I came out of the bathroom all the lights were off in our bedroom and suddenly my irritation doubled. As I tried to find my way to my side of the bed I ran into the wooden chest we have at the end of the bed and then as I was trying to find my phone that I had on my night stand and I ended up knocking over a glass of water that I had left there the night before. I lost it. I collapsed on the bed and once again began to bawl my eyes out. I really didn't even know why. Poor Troy had no idea what to do with himself and leaned over and tried to rub my back and ask if I was ok. I screamed "DON'T TOUCH ME!!" Evil pregnant Jemaica was clearly making an appearance and Troy decided it would be best to just back away. It didn't take long for my next mood to swing into place and before he knew it I was skooching over to be cuddled and consoled. I can only imagine what was going through his mind. "COO-COO!!"

My latest outburst took place a little over a week ago. I was running late for class because I had been waiting in the parking lot for a spot for a good 15 min. The technique for getting a spot at Weber State is not to keep driving up and down the aisles (who decided on the spelling for that word anyways) but to stay put at the end of one of them until a student walks down it and goes to their car. It's common knowledge that if you've been parked waiting there then you get first dibs on the spot. Well I had done this exact thing and after waiting for those 15 min a guy finally walked down my lane and so I pulled up closer and put on my blinker. After waiting there for a few seconds this girl turns down the other end of the aisle and stops and begins to wait also. This is the same girl who had passed me about 5 times in search for a spot. Amateur. I began to wonder what the heck she was waiting for because the spot was clearly mine because not only had I claimed the aisle by waiting there for so long, but I had my freaking blinker on. THAT SPOT WAS MINE! Anyways the guy pulls out of the spot in my direction blocking me and suddenly that sneaky girl pulls right in! Oh boy was I ticked. I laid on the horn and pulled up behind her and rolled down my window. I began yelling at her as she got out of her car and told her that was clearly my spot and that she ought to get right back into her car and pull out if she knew what was good for her. She proceeded to say "M'am, (yes she called me M'am, what am I, 40?) you should have been faster, I'm late for class." and she starts walking away from her car. This REALLY set me off! How could I have been faster, I was being blocked!! This girl obviously had no kind driving/parking etiquette and I felt an immense need to teach her a lesson. I decided it would be a good idea to speed up as she crossed in front of my car and then slam on my breaks just to give her a little scare. I know, I know, I'm a psycho! Let's just blame it on my raging hormones ok. Anyways I started yelling at her again telling her that I was late for class too and then I said something stupid along the lines of "you better learn the system around here if you plan to survive girl!!" Who even says that? She continued to walk away and I was left there helpless, without a spot and even more late for class. After another few minutes I finally found a place to park and really felt like I needed revenge. At that point I remembered I had a banana in my backpack and so I went and smeared banana all over her door handles and windshield. Don't worry, I used a plastic baggie to make sure my hands stayed clean. I'll admit that for the first little while it felt really good and I was pretty proud of myself for showing that girl a thing or two, but as time went on I was a little ashamed of myself. I realized I had totally pulled a crazy one. I started to think of better ways to have handled the situation and then I thought about how my baby's hearing has developed and it heard it's mommy going off like a psycho person. I guess I could have done worse to her car, but it still wasn't right and I wish I had more control over my emotions than that. So to the dumb girl who stole my parking spot, if by some slight chance you come across this blog post and realize that this story is about you, I'm sorry for losing my temper and smearing banana all over your car. (But if you ever pull a move like that on me again, I will kill you.) Just kidding!

Well anyways, I'm sure by now I've scared everyone and you are all planning on staying away from me until I deliver this child in August. I promise that I will do better at controlling myself in the future and I've really tried to learn from these outbursts of mine. Heaven help me during these last 20 weeks.

P.s. Turns out I'm not as creative as I thought I was. The whole pregzilla thing already exists.