Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update #2 - The Cat

About 3 weeks ago Troy called me and told me he was going to be late getting home that night. When he got home he walked into the family room holding something behind his back, I asked him what he had and suddenly I stinky bag of cat food was shoved in my face and Troy told me to come out to the car. I couldn't believe what was happening!

You need to understand that I have a small obsession with cats and even when Troy and I were just friends we clashed on the subject. I remember going on a road trip with a group of friends, Troy being one of them, and while we were stopped at a gas station I noticed a little cat hanging out by the front door so I knelt down and started petting it. Troy was utterly disgusted by my actions! Haha he made me go and wash my hands as he explained to me that cats are filthy diseased animals. There have been several arguments throughout our marriage over whether or not we would ever have a cat and Troy insisted that it would NEVER happen! I may or may not have threatened to leave him if he wouldn't let it happen someday...

Next thing I know he is walking me to the car and there is a teeny Siamese kitten sitting in the front seat! I was shocked! You'd think I would have been so excited, and I was, but I have to admit that I was also a little worried about whether I was ready to take care of a cat at this point in my life. I always assumed that IF a cat ever came into the picture it would be when we had a bunch of kids running around so they could play with it and both the cat and the kids could be entertained. Then I started to think about how awesome Troy was for actually giving in and getting me a cat. It was one of the sweetest gifts I've ever gotten, mostly because I know what a sacrifice it was for Troy. He really must love me. I found out that he had been searching for the perfect cat for a couple months which made my heart melt even more. So of course the cat was staying.

I named him Sushi and he's a pretty cute cat. I'll admit that I have had my moments of pure frustration with him though. As I type this he insists on licking my hands which gets pretty dang annoying after a while and your skin begins to feel raw from his rough tongue. I have never seen a more needy cat in my life. This little guy follows me everywhere and if you are sitting down he NEEDS to be sitting on you begging for attention. This usually includes getting in my face, clawing at my hands and arms, or trying to eat my hair. He is usually just a ball of energy and runs all over the place jumping from couch to chair to coffee table. He loves to attack my plants and my feet as I walk by. There are those moments where he just likes to snuggle up and sleep on your lap and keep you warm. Those sweet moments often get interrupted by a horrible stench that takes over the room. It's amazing that such a small little thing can smell so rancid. I do like how he greets me each time I come home and it is pretty hilarious watching him play with his toys sometimes or chase his tail. Let's just say that Sushi and I currently have what they call a "Love-Hate" relationship. I expected cats to be a lot less high maintenance, because that's how I remember my old cat being, but then again I don't remember him as a kitten because I was just a baby. So I'm just waiting for Sushi to grow out of his annoying needy/crazy kitten stage and hopefully we will form a beautiful relationship! At least he loves people and he's a pretty friendly cat, I suppose I shouldn't hate him just because he loves me so much. OK..... he seriously just farted on me! Maybe I'm not such a cat person after all!! Heaven help me.

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