Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're Building A House

It's true, Troy and I are building a home! How crazy is that? We're building an adorable little house in West Bountiful, Utah. It's been a lot of fun coming up with ideas for our floor plans and thinking about the ideal home, there's a lot to consider! I have to admit that Troy has been the brains behind most of it! Really when it came down to it my main concern was the size of my closet and kitchen!

The final copy of our floor plans are just about finished and then we'll start taking bids on the different jobs and get to work! I can't tell you how excited I am. I cannot believe that this is actually happening, I never thought that we would be taking such a huge step so early on in our marriage, but we figured now is really the best time to be doing this and take advantage of the market. We got a great deal on our land and will be able to get great deals on the labor because so many people need the work. I guess it's time to grow up!!

There are so many great things going on in our lives right now that it just blows me away how blessed we are. I truly feel completely undeserving of all our blessings and hope I show my proper appreciation to the Lord. Life really is just so great right now.

So the plan is to begin building within the next month or so and be in the house by November. I just can't wait! I just keep picturing the exciting years ahead of us in this home of ours. I think of our family starting and growing and many firsts taking place in this home. I think of our kids running through the rooms and many fun memories being created there! I have so many high hopes for the kind of home this will be and I just get so excited. I want it to be a home of love, comfort, fun, laughter, learning, happiness and friendship. I want it to be a home where the door is always open and where people are always welcome. I'm just so excited and will do my best to make sure it is all these things!

Here's an idea of what our house is going to look like.

Isn't it cute??


Megan said...

it's beautiful! i'm so happy for you. what an exciting stage of life you're in!

Amy said...

I cant wait to be neighbors! Hurry the frick up....