Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Semester Coming To an End

It's true, my semester is nearly over. This is actually my last week of classes and then I have 2 exams next week. Unfortunately I also have 3 papers due between this week and the next that I have not even started. It makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. I really don't know why I do this to myself, for some reason I really like torturing myself. Here's the thing, when it comes to school I really have very little motivation left. I seriously just want to be done SOOOOO badly!! Luckily next semester will be my last and I will graduate in April... I think I just heard a chorus of angels after typing that. I will finally be finished and have a degree in communication. YIPPEE! It really was important to me to finish since I only had three semesters left when Troy and I got married and left BYU-Idaho. I'm not going to lie though, it's been tough. Weber State has this weird obsession with making their students right freaking LONG research papers. I've seriously had to write one for almost every class that I've taken there and I HATE research papers... with a passion.

Anyways, I'll be really proud of myself when it's all done. My dreams of graduating in April were almost ruined the other week when I registered for classes and realized that two of my mandatory classes were at the exact same time and day. I went to go see what I could do about it because one of them was an HR class which I already took at BYU-I, but they told me there was no way they could accept it. To top it all off they told me that they were only offering those two classes during the winter semester which means I would have to wait an entire year to graduate because of ONE STUPID CLASS I HAD ALREADY TAKEN! Needless to say, I was pretty upset about it. Finally I found an advisor that was willing to help me out and I was able to substitute the class with something else. I was so happy it worked out! So for my very last semester I will be taking:

Gender Communication
Acting I - (Fun hey?)
Small Group Facilitation
Senior Seminar
Training the Trainer

It will be a busy semester, but I think it might actually be kind of fun! Anyways, that's my update on school. Maybe I should go get started on those papers...


Callie Mae said...

Bless our little scholarly hearts :)

Alisha and Braeden said...

YIKES! Good luck with your papers!