Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Belated Halloween

Here's a very late post on our fun Halloween festivities

First of all we had a family Halloween party over at Troy's parent's place. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of everyone because their costumes really were great.

We dressed as Mimes

Claire the Bumble Bee

Abe the Transformer

That weekend we headed to Nampa, Idaho to visit our friends and spend Halloween there. Friday night Callie and Tyler had organized a really fun Murder Mystery game so we all came in character and were ready to solve the crime!

I was Penny Loafer and Troy was Cal Culator

Trevor and April

Here's a shot of the whole group enjoying some dinner

Our wonderful Hostess Callie starting off the game

Cal and Penny paying close attention

Isn't Cal a sexy beast?? Haha he cracks me up

 Halloween night we dressed up again and headed to a party. Troy and I were your classic KKK and witch. Just kidding, he's actually a ghost. After all these years of dressing up I had never actually been a witch so I was pretty excited about it.

Here are the Biggest Losers, Callie and Tyler. Clearly they have a few more pounds to lose.

Trevor and April were April and Michealangelo (sp?) from the Ninja Turtles 

Before the party we headed out for a bite to eat. Here's cute little Ducky Brenda and Creepy 70's Paul

These two stuffed their faces all night long. Sick.

Here's us girls at the party

We can't forget about our adopted children Bryce and Doug dressed as Mario and Luigi

I figured I'd end this post with a disturbing photo of Paul.


We had so much fun that weekend and were sad to head home. Luckily we'll be seeing most of these people again really soon.

*Special thanks to Callie for many of these wonderful photos

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Alyson Cowley said...

Those are all awesome costumes!! Sadly, I wasn't anything but myself for Halloween this year.