Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Secondhand Serenade Concert

Back in July, Troy and I headed out to Thanksgiving Point for the Secondhand Serenade concert. Before the concert we met up with Falisha and her boyfriend Scott as well as her roommate Sydney and her boyfriend Nate. We stopped at JCW's for some yummy dinner and were on our way to the concert.

Falisha's feet fit the BYU flip flops on the wall at JCW's perfectly!

The concert was outside and so everyone brought blankets and hung out until the show started.

Sweet pose guys!

This is how I pose with my little handicap husband!

The cute couple

Alright, so we got a little bit bored waiting for the next band so on the count of 3 each person had to flash a pose on the spot. This was Falisha's.





And then there's mine.... I'm pretty sure I won for the ugliest pose..... who am I?

There were 3 opening bands:
"We Shot the Moon" - I really like these guys
"Parachute" - Awesome
and I really can't remember the third band so I guess they weren't that good.
After they had all played it was finally time for Secondhand Serenade. They put on a good show, but to be honest the main guy is kind of a try hard loser haha. Luckily I still enjoy his music.

There was practically no security at the concert and so Troy and I decided to see how close we could make it to the stage. We went to the side of the stage past all the tour buses and actually ended up climbing up on the side of the stage right beside the drummer! Haha it was a little ridiculous that nobody stopped us and nobody seemed to mind us being there, but we couldn't hear the music as well so we decided go back down.
Here's a shot from on the stage

It was a really fun night and I was really happy we went because it had been a long time since Troy and I had been to a concert together. It was also great to spend some time with Falisha and to get to know her cool boyfriend and friends.


Callie and Tyler said...

I LOVE secondhand serenade. Thats sweet you guys got to go! PS Tyler and I have big plans so you two need to plan an Idaho trip :)

Jessica said...

I love your poses Jem

Anessa said...

Oh my! First, I LOVE that picture of you, it is so you :)

Second, we shot the moon is my favorite!! A roommate took me to their concert in Rexburg and I fell in love, I am jealous.

The Ortons said...

All the poses are cracking me up! bahahahaha. love you

Erin said...

Jemaica! I found your blog from Carly Smiths...You look so happy with your man! Congrats!

If you want to see our blog, you can find us at brandonanderin.blogspot.com.

Glad to see things are going so well for you!