Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Camping Trip

Troy and I planned a camping trip with some friends back in August. We had been planning on doing it all summer and finally picked a date and made it happen. It turned out the only weekend we could all do it was on the weekend of our first anniversary. I'll be honest, I didn't necessarily picture us spending our anniversary camping in Idaho with a couple of our friends, but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad we did it. We picked a nice little spot in Idaho which was the half way point for all of us to meet at. Troy and I left after work Thursday and were planning to meet up with our friends Paul and Brenda and the campsite that night. Our friends Taj and Alison were coming the next day.

Troy ran out of gas on the way. Running out of gas happens to be one of pet peives so I was not very impressed about it. I guess he was a little turned around and figured the next town was just a few miles away. Try 60. It was actually really incredible how long that empty tank of gas lasted us, once we had completely ran out we coasted down the side of the road for an entire mile!! At that point I just had to laugh. Here we were in a big truck pulling a huge boat creeping along the freeway. By the time we stopped we were only a mile away from the next town which wasn't too far from our campsite. Paul and Brenda had already arrived and were nice enough to come to our rescue and bring us some gas.

Here's the man of the hour filling up

Brenda and I looking a little cold

So once the jerry can was FINALLY empty (it took FOREVER) Troy goes to start the truck and the battery was dead... so Paul came to rescue once again and luckily had jumper cables with him and gave us a boost. Way to pull through for us you guys!

We finally made it to the campsite and had to set up our tent in the dark. The dark did not keep me from discovery FOUR earwigs in our tent! Our campsite was infested with them! I told Troy I wouldn't sleep until they were dead, he couldn't beleive what pansy I was being (first time camping together) but he was a good sport and got out of his sleeping bag and killed them for me. What a good man! He finally forced me to stop looking for them and shut off the flashlight. I slept with my hood tied tightly around my head to protect my ears/brain that night just in case. In the morning I woke up to a spider crushed under my head on my pillow. I was so glad I had my hood on!! The earwig routine went on for the next two nights, I have no idea how they kept making it into our tent! By the last night I think Troy was ready to kill me. :)

Here's a nice shot of our campground spot. It really was a nice campround. We were right beside a pretty lake and the place was really well kept. Everything except for the one bathroom Brenda and I venture off to one night. I swear there was every bug/spider/beetle imaginable crawling around that bathroom, if you think I'm exaggerating ask Brenda yourself! I could hardly squeeze out a drop I was so terriffied in there! If you haven't noticed... I really don't like bugs.

Anyways, in the morning we woke up and Paul and Brenda cooked up a delicious breakfast and we discovered a giant owl sitting in the tree above us. I wish I had taken a picture because he was really cool. After breakfast we decided to head out on the lake with the boat, we probably would have gotten in the water, but it was actually a really windy and cold day. The waves out on this lake were crazy so it made for a choppy yet fun ride.

Taj and Alison showed up in the afternoon and we just had a good time hanging out for the rest of the day. That night we had a sneaky little visitor, Mr. Racoon. We were all sitting around the fire and Alison got up to go get something from her tent when he scared the crap out of her. We tried to chase him away, but he just ran up the tree above us and watched and waited. We quickly packed up all the food into our coolers and finally chased him away. Well he was sure to come back. Paul had towered all the coolers and bins on top of each other and this little guy climbed to the top and reached the smaller zipped up cooler bags. He managed to unzip the coolers and eat the dozen eggs that were in there. You'd think that would fill him up, but he then tried to get into our big plastic bin and actually broke one of the hard plastic handles off the thing! I was amazed! If the other coolers hadn't been on top of it we would have lost a lot of food that night.

Here's the little thief!

The next morning consisted of a lot of lounging around. We were all trying to get warm in the sun.

We mocked Troy for bringing his full on lounge chair, but everyone wanted a turn to lay in it.

Here's Taj taking a nice little nap

Troy trying to reclaim his chair from me.

That afternoon we decided we'd better just suck it up and brave the colder temperature and just get in the water. We headed out for some tubing, wakeboarding, and surfing.

Blowing up the tubes.

Taj and Paul taking a ride

The girls going for it

Alison did a great job Wakeboarding
I wish I would have taken some pictures of Troy surfing, he really got the hang of it and managed to stay behind the boat for a really long time. By the end of it we were all freezing, but I think we were all happy we did it.
That night was our last night and we all just hung around the fire again trying to stay warm.

Please don't judge the fact that I am wearing capris, socks and flip flops. Hahaha I wasn't prepared for how cold it was!

We left Sunday morning just in time to shower up, pack and rush to the airport to fly to Hawaii!
We had an awesome time with our friends and hope to make it a tradition except next year we hope Tyler and Callie, April and Trevor, and Dan and Elizabeth will be able to make it!


Callie and Tyler said...

Haha okay we're in. Just don't make me wear sandals with socks PLEASE!

Paul and Nancy said...

Looks like quite the adventure....can't wait until the next post though!!

Ashley said...

That looks like so much fun!! I had no idea that racoons were so . . . able? I didn't think they could unzip things and open things up like that.

Alyson Cowley said...

My favorite part of this post are all the comments about bugs. I would have done the exact same thing in all those situations. Ew.

Brea & Trev said...

It looks like at any minute he will pounce and mall someone's face off!