Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life in Rexburg

Here are some more pictures to give you a feel for what my life is like in Rexburg.

This is me hard at work at my desk in the Internship office on campus. I love my job!

This is my roommate Keri. She just got her mission call to Frankfurt, Germany. Man I'm going to miss her!

This was a little late night escape to Denny's in Idaho Falls during the last week of school.

Cute shot with some of the girls in my ward. Tonya, Alyson, Erin and Tiffany.

Hanging out at the Pinnacle office.

My roommate Alyson and I. This girl is hilarious!

Causing a little trouble! Haha I love this picture! That's a firecracker...

Playing Lazer Tag in the Benson Building on campus. So fun!

This was on Valentine's day. I played a little prank on Angie and put up this poster in the building we work in. People were congratulating her all week! Hahaha

Partying it up Karaoke Revolution style!

Me and Angie. I love this girl!

Some more roommates. There's Keri again, then Sally and Carrie. We're squished in the back of a car.

I sure love the college life!


the Goodbrands said...

lookin good Jemaica!!! Looks like you're having TONS of fun. when are you gonna be back?!?!

Angie said...

This is so fun Jem!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!