Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Alright so I've just come to the realization that my blog is boring.
I need to do better at updating this thing! I promise that I will have a new post with new pictures very soon and I will reveal my exciting news! I'm starting to think that it's going to be a dissapointment to some people but I'm sure excited about it! Let's just clear some stuff up right off the bat, I am not engaged, in fact I am still very single. I have not won any great prizes or vacations and I have not yet become famous... not yet! So with all that out of the way I'll leave you for a little while longer to wonder what it could be, just until I get a chance to load my pictures on my computer that is!

Well moving on, can I just tell you how much I hate that last week of the semester! It's killer! Not only do you have to study like crazy for your exams and finish up final projects but you also have to worry about packing everything up and cleaning the entire apartment for white glove. It's an intense week that I just dread so I'm procrastinating as usual! I'm leaving as soon as I'm finished with my exam on Thursday night and I'm heading to Utah to watch my sister Charity's four kids for 7 days as her and husband enjoy themselves in Mexico! It should be a lot of fun! Some people are a little worried for me and I think Charity is terrified I'm going to hate her children by the end of the week but I mean come on! How hard could it be? I'll just bribe them with candy and ice cream sundaes every night!! They'll love me even more than they already do!! Man I'm going to be the best mom! Haha! But seriously, I'm looking forward to spending time with my little monkeys before going home to Calgary for the whole summer! We're going to have a blast!


the Goodbrands said...

good luck!!!! Garrett and I watched his 2 nieces for a week and let me tell you...it was ONE LONG WEEK!!! haha I was 8 months pregnant so that didn't help either!! I hope we can get together sometime this summer! are you going to be home before Callie leaves?

The Kane's said...

Have fun in Utah! I think I figured out what your surprise is but I guess we will see...I love the suspense! See you soon! Love ya