Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And so it begins!

Well this is my first blog and I don't really know what I'm doing! I guess I'll just fill everyone in on what I've been up to lately.
I'm currently at school at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg. I'm having a blast here and although initially it was a shock to live in such a small mormon town, I've really grown to love it! I'm majoring in Communications with an Organizational/Human Resources emphasis. I can happily now say that I am a Sophomore in school as I am currently in my third semester! I hated telling people I was a Freshmen because they automatically assumed I was 18 years old and fresh out of High School! I still think I'm the oldest female sophomore on campus, good thing I don't act like it!
It's been a really busy semester and I'm on the go for at least 9 hours everyday before I get to go home and relax for a bit before I take off again for something else! I work every morning on campus at the school's internship office. I'm a student secretary and I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. I'm also a Director over student involvement in a society on campus called the Newel K. Whitney Society which basically overlooks the other associations and societies on campus. I'm getting a lot of great experience from my involvement there and it is geared directly to my major so it's been really great!
Well that's pretty much the main part of my life right now! Things are going really well for me and I'm really trying to live this time of my life to it's fullest. I've made some great friends here and have had a lot of fun but I really miss my friends and family at home and am looking forward to going back to Calgary in a month and a half!
Well, until next time...


Sam I am said...

looks good Jem! I am happy to see you moving up in the world and getting a blog. when i figure out how to link up with other blog i'll link us ok. Oh me and Kailey got back together and things are really good. I haven't registered for EFY cause i don't know how, i know i'm a retard so please help me! oh and thanks for the comment

Jay & Jacinta Slobodan said...

It's funny, just the other day I was thinking, "I wonder how Jemaica is doing in Idaho" and now through Jen's blog I have stumbled upon yours! I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well! I am looking forward to reading up on the life and times of Jemaica Kane.

Anonymous said...


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