Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Hair

When Piper was born she had the most beautiful thick head of hair. Everyone was telling me it would likely rub off, but after a couple of months of the same gorgeous hair I thought I was in the clear.

It wasn't until she was about 5 months old that her hair started to fall out. I would go take her out of her crib and I could see a ton of her hair had rubbed off on the sheet. It was actually really sad.

Time went on and things started getting a little bit crazy! Chunks of her hair were all at totally random lengths. The back was short and rubbing off and the top was really long with some receding hair lines. Even in the short areas there were still some random hairs that were really long. I would attempt to do her hair, but it never took long before it was all over the place again.

I would pull her out of her car seat and people would begin laughing at her... that's never a good sign.

You wouldn't laugh at this face would you??

Her Uncle Mason had begun to refer to her as Doc. Brown from Back To The Future.

She even had a little rat tail going on in the back

Alright, so maybe it was getting a little out of control. But I thought it gave her character! That little rat tail also helped me measure how long her hair would have been if it hadn't all fallen out! It would have been so cute and long... so sad.

Anyways, my sister in-law Cassie finally convinced me to let her cut it.

This was the last day with her wild hair I actually got it to go in cute little pigtails!

Then came the cut

I was actually pretty sad to see her hair go at first. But her new hair has really grown on me and is a lot easier to manage than before. It has even gotten more curly which I LOVE!

I forgot to take a picture after the haircut, but here are a few recent ones I took where you can kind of get an idea of her hair these days. A big improvement!

Here we are this past weekend in St. George. Piper getting ready to go swimming for the first time! It was 85 degrees... sigh.

Here's Piper hanging out with nothing but her socks on.
She gets it from her Daddy! Haha just kidding!


Angie Adam said...

Bahahaha I love that last picture! And I absolutely love babies with wacky hair :)

Cassie and Mason Green said...

hand down.. best client I have ever had!

Cassie and Mason Green said...

hands* I do have two