Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6 & 7 Months

Piper will be 8 months old in a week... SERIOUSLY?! How did this even happen!!! It's all just going way too fast! The last two months have somehow come and gone in a big blur so I thought I would just combine months 6 and 7 together.

Each month is more fun than the last. Piper is becoming quite the little character and she makes us laugh all the time. She's had several big developments over the last two months.

First of all she started crawling about a week before her 7 month birthday and she is on the go non-stop these days.

Here's a little video of her when she had barely started.

It only took her a couple weeks of getting on her hands and knees to figure out how to crawl. Before crawling her favorite thing to do was get into the downward dog yoga position with her butt high in the air. I really wish I'd caught a picture of that. It was really funny.

Now that she's mobile she follows me everywhere. I'll be working in the kitchen and she's always right there at my feet. She's my little shadow.

Piper is now sitting up like a pro. She learned how to crawl before she mastered sitting up by herself.

More movement = more injuries. Piper has been getting a lot of bruises on her head recently because she slips on the hardwood. She has also just barely started to pull herself up on things which usually ends with her falling down. It's a little stressful! The sound of her head hitting the floor makes me ill every time. Would it be weird if I had her wear a helmet everyday?

Another favorite pastime she's acquired since starting to crawl is following her best friend Sushi around. She adores this cat. The instant he walks into the room she goes crazy and heads straight for him. What's amazing is how good he is with her. She'll be yanking on his ear or tail and he just let's it happen until I can unleash her death grip! What a good cat. He'll go over and rub up against her and knock her over and she thinks it's hilarious.

I love these pictures of them together. They are a little blurry, but you get a good idea of their relationship.

I sing to Piper all the time. She loves it when I bust out into song. Often it's just something I'm making up on the spot and she gets a kick out of it. Recently she's started singing/yelling with me. She'll usually sing out really loud and will hold it for a long time, but this was the best I could get out of her this morning for the video.

Troy says that there's no chance of having a quiet daughter with me as her mother.

Piper is such a happy happy girl! I love it! It doesn't take much to get a big smile or laugh out of her. The instant she hears someone else laughing she joins right in. I'll be laughing at something funny and suddenly realize that Piper is sitting there laughing with me. She's a cheese ball.
Her happiest time is probably the morning. My all time favorite part of the day is getting Piper out of her crib in the morning. When I walk into the room she gets the biggest smile on her face and she starts panting like a little puppy dog. She basically starts convulsing out of excitement in her crib just at the sight of me. There's no better way to start your day. Even if I'm exhausted her happiness and excitement is contagious.

Something to know about Piper is that she NEVER STOPS MOVING! EVER. That girl has been a squirmer from day one. Her legs are bouncing or kicking constantly. She cannot hold still. It's usually pretty funny, but gets extremely tiring during church.

Another thing that doesn't stop moving is her little tongue. Or should I say abnormally long tongue. She's got that thing sticking out all the time or else it is twisting around in her mouth.

Piper does this thing we call the diaper dance. Almost every time I change her diaper and I'm attempting to put on the new one, she does this little squirmy dance where she moves her body from side to side. It's actually pretty cute, but makes fastening the new diaper really difficult.

Piper is doing great at eating her solids these days. So far she seems to like everything I've stuck in her mouth which is great! The only difficult part is keeping her focused on eating! Like I said, she doesn't hold still very well so if she's distracted by something she does not make it easy getting that spoon into her mouth!

Piper loves other kids and can't get enough of them. She loves seeing and playing with her cousins.

She also loves cartoons. The only time she'll really pay attention to the TV is if there is a cartoon on. It's a really nice distraction when I'm trying to get something done.

Piper's newest trick is clapping! She just learned how to do this over the weekend and I think it is adorable! Here's a video of it. You even get to see her sing a little again.

Piper just brings so much joy to our lives and we are having so much fun with her right now. It amazes me how quickly babies learn things and how much they grow and change over such a short amount of time. It's so exciting, but also so sad all at the same time. I'm just so grateful for this little girl!


Elizabeth said...

She is just adorable!!! I love her singing with you. hahaha so cute!! Such a cute family!!

Angie Adam said...

I love that she sings along with you :) I'm sure she'll be such a mama
s girl and have a beautiful voice just like you!

Callie said...

Oh hilarious. Tyler and I just read through your past couple of posts and laughed out loud. Cute little girly girl! Love her!

Haley K said...

Oh I loved this!! Piper seems like such a sweetheart, and so fun like her mom :) She is going to love looking back at this and reading about all these cute milestones and sweet things you've said about her. I can tell you love her, and love being a mom, so much! <3 I'm excited to keep up on you guys!


Alyson Samantha said...

I LOVED both of these posts about Piper!! I can't believe it's been over 8 months since you came home to me on your doorstep before she was born. I still need to get up there to meet her soon!! Maybe this week? I have the whole week off! I'll text you.