Friday, May 15, 2009


If I were a young arab boy, this is what I would look like right about now. I've been pretty busy the last couple weeks because I started my semester at Weber State. IT'S BEEN CRAZY! I'm doing the summer semester to be able to graduate sooner. I have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I go to work the rest of the week. They're trying out a new summer program where they have split the semester into two 7 WEEK blocks. Yes, 7 weeks! I'm taking 3 classes the first block and on online class the second block. 7 weeks is not a lot of time to make it through an ENTIRE course and the teachers wasted no time in dishing out the homework. After only 2 weeks of classes I had my first exam in all 3 classes. YIKES! Talk about intense! I am now on to my 2nd round of exams and I feel like I barely finished the last ones! It's been tough to keep up, but I did pretty dang good on my first exams so that made me pretty happy and made all this craziness worth it.

My first day of school at Weber was a tough one for me, I began to really questioned why it was that I felt that this is the school I'm suppose to be going to and I was really homesick for BYU-Idaho. I got lost a couple of times, my books were beyond expensive and I didn't know a soul. Weber is so completely different and it will take some getting used to. Going to school in Utah is a pretty unique experience because everyone knows about the church here, member or not, and it comes up in the class discussions often, not always in the best of ways. On my first day there were already people bashing the church in my classes and that really would not happen anywhere else on a regular basis. It's pretty interesting. A couple guys shared stories where they were able to persuade some members to change their beliefs... please.

Well after class I had had enough, I broke down, shed some tears and cursed Troy for taking me away from BYU-I! Hehe! Once I realized I was being a bit dramatic I decided I just needed to look at this as a new adventure and make the most of it. Since then things have gotten a lot better and I'm starting to actually enjoy my classes, but just for the record my heart will always belong to BYU-I! I can't wait to brainwash my children into going to school there, just so I can have an excuse to go back! I'll be back Rexburg, oh yes, I'll be back!

Well anyways, just a couple more weeks and I'll be through this first block, hallelujia! I hope I can last and that Weber doesn't confuse and corrupt me too much.

Please offer 5 hail Mary's on my behalf.

Thank you.


.Ang. said...

Even though you aren't a young arab boy you are still pretty cute!!

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!!

You've got a great outlook on the whole thing though!!!! Just another adventure!!!

Good job!!!


Callie and Tyler said...

I'm with ya sister! BYU Idahoans for life. Screw Weber and BSU!!!

The Ortons said...

I love BYU-Idaho