Friday, April 10, 2009

Bathroom Etiquette

Alright, I just came from the bathroom at work and I happen to be a little irritated. I really hate it when someone comes in and goes in the stall RIGHT beside me when we are the ONLY TWO people in there and there are about 10 other stalls to choose from!!! This just happened to me, but to top things off this lady then proceeded to take a doo doo while humming some cheerful little song! HAVE YOU NO SHAME WOMAN?? Not cool lady, not cool at all.

A. Have some decensy to put a little distance between me and your horrible stench

B. Do not hum/grunt through a song while you're doing your business beside someone else.

C. What the HE%% did you eat last night?

I apologize for my crudeness, but you really have to put up with a lot in the bathrooms here and I'VE HAD IT!!


.Ang. said...


gekane said...

Hilarious! I can't believe that lady!

Caitlin said...

I love it! You are hilarious! Georgia is 10 and a half months. I think it's cute that she walks, but seriously babies are just on smart enough to move on there own. How are you doing?

Ruth Sutton said...

The nerve of that lady...HA! You are always good for a great laugh. Oh and congrats on the green card.

Jessica said...


Callie said...

HAHAHA You crack me up Jem... so funny. I started choking on my lasagna and apple juice! So funny. I miss you.

Megan said...

WOw, lucky me, I found your blog tonight and got this post :) You're funny.

Anessa May said...

I am blogging even if I have nothing to blog about!! I miss you so so much. I am glad to see you are teaching the world about bathroom etiquette cause if you dont who will!?

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